Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A new hat

I often wave bye-bye to Daddy when he's on his way to work, and although he looks a bit funny in his special hat I have to own up to a touch of jealousy. Sometimes I've tried it on when he's not wearing it. But it falls off.

So today I got a big surprise when Daddy took my to a special shop where they had lots of hats just like his, and a kind man helped us to find one that fits me perfectly. And it's such a funky colour, too!
Much better than Daddy's. I enjoyed trying it on in the shop so much that Daddy let me keep it on until we got back to the car.

My new hat

But then things just got better. There was a special seat that Daddy had shown me before in the garage, but today it was attached to his bike and I was allowed to sit in it - wearing my fantastic hat - and we went for a little ride
together. It was such fun! Daddy was being very careful (I'm sure I've seen him go faster than we did today) and, as I enjoyed it so much, he says we can go on a longer ride tomorrow: all the way to Sing and Sign! (As long as this lovely weather sticks around.)

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Charlotte said...

Aww great hat! Riding a bike sounds like fun - you will have to tell me all about it tomorrow at sing and sign!