Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The No-Cry Sleep Solution

This is not really a book review, as I've not read the book. But I do believe that The No-Cry Sleep Solution has miraculous powers. And I really mean miraculous.

A friend had recommended it, and eventually I ordered a copy from the library. When it came in I keenly collected it and took it home. And here's where I believe that the book itself has mystical powers: none of us had even opened it. It was, in fact, still in my bag. But that very night Ainsworth slept all the way through. Its very presence in the house was enough.

Well, okay so it didn't last long, but that was a couple of weeks ago and we're really pleased that he has slept very much better over the last few nights. Whether that's because of the book I don't know (I've still not read it and I've no idea how Rachael's getting on with it) but a slight change in the bedtime routine and he seems to be getting the idea at last.

And now we're beginning to have a bit of a battle with food...

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

lol recommended book for food battles is 'my child wont eat'. Hope its as magic as the no cry sleep solution for you!

Could Ainsworth have a word with charlie though please...shes been up 2 hourly for the past 3 nights!!