Saturday, 24 May 2008


  • The boy is still a bit poorly. His cough has been lingering for over two months now. Doctors have changed their mind as to whether there's an infection or not; currently there is, apparently. We dodn't want him on antibiotics again, which out GP understands, so he's currently on something else to loosen up his airway (but not Ventolin Syrup, which we also wanted to avoid).

  • His signing is coming on and is proving to be a really useful tool. There are moments of confusion, such as when he walks around signing "where?" but we have no idea what he's looking for, but overall it's been a great benefit to understanding each other and I'm very very glad we've done it.

  • Sleeping is still not his favourite pastime.

  • He loves to play "housey" type of games like cooking and playing with a toy tea-set. It's what he sees us doing, I guess. Sometimes he'll sit quietly for ages concentrating hard on sorting things into piles by colour or shape or unspecified criteria, or seeing how many of something he can get into one hand. His concentration levels seem excellent.

  • Our part-time pattern of working - Rachael having him three days a week and me two - is working brilliantly. There are some differences between Daddy Days and Mummy Days (how does she manage to get so much done while she's with him?) but he's developing a relationship with us both as individuals as well as within the family group. So glad we've been able to work things this way. We know several couples who've said they envy us.

  • And much much more.

  • If you've explored the links on this page, you'll have seen that I'm also keeping a separate personal blog, originally about my alleged spiritual life. Well I wasn't posting there much either, so have decided to open that blog up to whatever grabs my attention on any given day. If you're interested, do feel free to pop in for a look. (I'm also using it to see how Wordpress compares with Blogger. So far I can see advantages to both systems.)


Milo said...

I really like to sign, too. I'm speaking so many words now that I don't use it as much, but it made me (and my parents) so much happier when I could get them to understand me.

P.S. I love the word "housey" - is that a british thing or just your concoction? Because it's brilliant.

Ainsworth said...

Hey Milo,

Housey is pretty common over here, I think. Informal, but not unusual.