Saturday, 14 June 2008

Singing, Signing, Sliding and Sand

Now there's a tongue twister title for those of you who can talk!

I just thought I should report that my singing is really improving and it is great for getting off to sleep. I particularly like it a Music Train when we do the loud stuff - I'm really good at that. I do sometimes do the quiet stuff, but only at home with Mummy and Daddy. The instruments at Music Train are great too. Recently we've had these long tubes to bash on the floor and hit together - they make a great noise!

I'm still working hard at copying Mummy and Daddy's words and sometimes they get very excited when I mimic them quite accurately, but best of all is signing! It really works! The other day daddy was having a cup of tea but it wasn't his normal mug, which has pictures of birds on it. I had to let him know he'd made a mistake, so pointed at the mug and signed "bird" and "where" repeatedly until he'd understood. And yesterday I added 'hippo' to my repertoire. Perhaps not quite as useful as 'more', 'eat', 'drink', 'thank you' or 'finished', but Daddy was very impressed all the same. Other people have started to notice my signs too and that makes Mummy feel very proud.

Careful with the sand...

Finally, I wanted to tell you about my new sand tray (which sometimes has water in it too!). We bought it from a big shop with lots of toys in, but it was the absolute best thing there. And the lady from the shop had to help us get it into the car because it was so big! Mummy really likes the fact that it has a big umbrella over it to keep the sun off me, Daddy really likes squashing the sand into funny shapes, and I really like tipping the sand from one section into the other. Daddy taught me how to scoop it up carefully and pour it out accurately, so now I am expert at it. And all my friends love to play in it when they come to visit! I should also add that I have now successfully mastered going up and down my slide on my own, so the garden is just the bet place to play at the moment.

Not so careful with the water!


Alli said...

Your garden looks like the most fun!

Milo said...

Your sandbox looks fantastic! I would love to come dump sand and water with you. How far is the UK from the USA? Maybe I could take the bus. I really like riding the bus.

P.S. Good work with the sleeping thing!