Saturday, 14 June 2008


It has been a little while since we mentioned the dreaded subject of sleep, but at last we have good things to report! The boy sleeps well! I did read more of the 'No cry sleep solution' and tweeked his bedtime routine as a result. This sometimes involves him actually going into his cot awake and 'singing' himslef to sleep, or he puts his teddy (Honey) into the cot and falls asleep on his bottle as before. Either way, he is going down at 6.30 and sleeping through until 5.30'ish with only one or two wakes that need our assistance. And this has been the case for about a month now! Added to this, he is sleeping a good one and a half to two hours in the morning, which is great for getting stuff (like school work) done.

What a champ!

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